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20 Hilarious GIFS That Accurately Depict Our Current Level of Quarantine Despair

We’re two months or so into coronavirus quarantine and the isolation is starting to get to us. While we know social distancing and sheltering in place is for everyone’s safety, we can’t help but feel a little hopeless. Life has changed forever and it’s still unclear what the “new normal” will look like when the COVID-19 pandemic finally gets under control.

If you’re out of sorts, depressed, or have downright given up, you’re not alone. We’re all in this collective hell together. That’s why we take comfort in GIFs, which mirror back to us our sad internal states and even make us laugh a little. These 20 GIFs hilariously depict our current level of quarantine despair. Scroll on and be reassured that’s you’re not the only one falling down the rabbit hole.

Cover Photo: NBC

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