‘Planet Zoo’ Simulation Spreads Awareness on the Dangers of Inbreeding (How Else Will People Learn?)

While most people use gaming as a form of entertainment, it’s also a useful tool for learning. Sure, most of the time players are learning how to deal with a zombie apocalypse or the best way to fend off alien invasions, but they’re still learning something. Frontier Developments’ latest game is a complex zoo simulator that allows players to create the most wondrous collection of animals that they can imagine, a zoo so wonderful that it would put the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to shame. However, Planet Zoo (available now on Steam) also teaches players about some important wildlife issues including the dangers of inbreeding animals that are being kept in captivity.

Sadly, unlike alien invasions and hordes of the undead attacking, zoo animals inbreeding isn’t a hypothetical problem. As the Mammalian Journey found out in a recent study, the Asiatic lions that live in the London Zoo have suffered greatly from inbreeding. As a result of this, 39 of 57 cubs born between 2007 and 2009 died within just four months of being born. That’s a huge blow to the endangered lion, as there’s only 650 wild Asiatic lions as of the 2017 census count. If the zoo had more closely monitored the breeding, exchanged their animals with other zoos and worked to keep inbreeding to a minimum, then this majestic animal would be far better off.

Cover Photo: Frontier Developments 

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