New ‘Black Mirror’ Gets Boyfriends In Trouble For Playing Too Much Video Games

Season five of Black Mirror has left fans divided. While continuing to break taboos by dissecting how quickly relationship dynamics can change through technology, episode one of the new season is getting boyfriends everywhere in trouble for playing video games. As if we needed another pastime coming under fire.

In the episode, two old friends reconnect after 15 years, igniting an illicit sexual affair through a virtual reality version of their favorite fight game from back in the day (think Tekken 2). Thanks to this wacky storyline, every time we (actual humans) plug in for an epic session of Fortnite or Call of Duty, our girlfriends worry that we’re having an online affair. Way to go, Black Mirror. Here are five other times TV got boyfriends in trouble for absolutely no reason.

Cover Photo: praetorianphoto (Getty Images)

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