Lion King

Animal Lover Anticipates Full-Blown PTSD From ‘Lion King’ Live-Action Stampede

Pack a Xanax, the live-action Lion King is finally here.

Twenty-five years after the original Lion King film scarred animal lovers‘ psyches by way of feline murder, sibling betrayal, and stampeding, Disney has rebooted the murderous story that caused so many cat fans to suffer from decades of paralyzing post-traumatic stress. Jeremy Irons’ character, Scar, has been brought back to life to prove there is truly no cure for the common house cat, while Disney is seemingly hell-bent on reminding us that not even Claritin can soften the stress-induced, allergic reaction that animal rights activists have been crying over for years.

If you’re a true lover of animals, especially cats, then the newly rebooted Lion King may not be your particular brand of catnip. Nothing can erase the catastrophic tragedy of seeing another lion-on-lion murder scene. Call your therapist and set up an appointment, and check out the GIFs we’ve put together to help ease you back into the horror that awaits.

Cover Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

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