Pack a Bag of Weed, We’re Heading to the Airport!

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / Contributor (Getty Images)

If you’re traveling through Los Angeles International Airport anytime soon, feel free to pack some weed in your bags without the sense of paranoia. Nugs in your “luggs,” if you will.

In accordance with recently passed Proposition 64 for the start of 2018, the airport will allow you to carry up to 28.5 grams of weed as you make the trek through one of the world’s biggest travel destinations. This is part of the airport’s new policy, which is something we can all really get behind.

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You can also pack up to 8 grams of concentrated weed, according to the policy, and no matter the amount you must be 21 years of age. We should probably mention that you can’t smoke it, not the way you might rip a vaporizer, at least not yet.

While this is great news, be careful where you’re taking your devil’s lettuce. Carrying it through LAX might be OK, but your destination might not be so weed-friendly. Also, the Transportation Security Administration can still crack down on it since it’s not legal under federal law so there’s a slight chance they’ll eventually ruin your high somehow.

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So look up those vacation destinations that are open to the ganja because now’s a good time to enjoy your favorite local strain while breaking away from the norm. Safe travels!