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Honest Timeline: Flying With Legal Weed For The First Time (But Still With That Illegal Paranoia)

One of the most beautiful by-products of the legalization of marijuana is being able to possess (and discreetly consume) up to 28.5 grams of the reefer. Because of this, Los Angeles International Airport updated its policy to reflect the laws so anyone over the age of 21 can fly with weed. Yes, now you can bring drugs to unpleasant things like boring work trips or returning to your horrible life after a visit to the City of Angels. Once you touch down in another pot-unfriendly airport, however, you have illegal drugs on you. Although it’s unlikely the Caliva Dogwalker Prerolls and Kiva Petra Mints you packed would get you caught, it’s not going to assuage your mid-flight panic either. Fasten your safety belts and put your seat in its upright position. This is the honest timeline for traveling with legal weed for the first time ever.

Photo: Koldunova_Anna (Getty Images)

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How many milligrams of THC will it take to make you start sweatin’ like you’re smuggling real drugs? Let us know your breaking point in the comments!

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