Honest Timeline: Drinking Too Much Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee, as they say, is lifeblood. It drives the dreams of champions, or at the very least, it keeps the buzz going. But what about when you’re in the throes of exhaustion and your regular cup of joe just isn’t cutting it? That’s where cold brew comes in. Cold brew, or the nectar of the proletariat, has twice the caffeine of regular coffee, resulting in a boost of energy that gets your body going…in all the ways possible. So when you’re nodding off before that big afternoon meeting, what you obviously need is a cold brew to get you going. This is your honest timeline for what happens to your body when you overdo the brew.

Photo: Tara Moore (Getty Images)

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What circle of hell are you in when you drink too much goddamned cold brew? Let us know your answer in the comments!

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