Cannabis Company Offered Free Weed To Federal Workers During Government Shutdown

Photo: CasarsaGuru (Getty Images)

The United States government shutdown came to an end — at least for now — last week. President Donald Trump so badly wanted funding for a wall along the southern border, he wagered shutting down federal operations against those opposed to his immigration policies. This forced government employees to be without income, but one company pledged to at least supply those workers with a bunch of cannabis.

If you’ve ever visited, you know they’re a website with endless links to every strain of marijuana you can imagine. Because the shutdown had such an impact on people and their ability to pay for necessities, the site decided it would lend a helping hand by offering free bud to any federal workers who can’t pay for their marijuana.

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The offer to pay for peoples’ weed wasn’t just for everyone, as much as that would be awesome. This particular gesture is exclusively for those who use medical marijuana to help with chronic pain and other ailments. So if you’re looking to score some free cannabis, look elsewhere because BudTrader isn’t handing it out just because.

The shutdown affected more than 800,000 people and was the longest in U.S. history. A good amount of folks went without their necessary tokes for too long.

High in the sky: Pack a Bag of Weed, We’re Heading to the Airport! is working with its attorney to ensure that all their donations are delivered to the federal workers confidentially. That’s right, they’re not going to rat you out to Uncle Sam just because you partake in some ganja time.

It’s good to know businesses understand the struggle of people and lend their services for free in times of need. Take this as one of those moments when your faith in humanity is restored. And pass the blunt while you’re at it.