Higher Education: This University Allows On-Campus Cannabis Use

Three young women playing foosball at youth hostel. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt (Getty)

Smoking cannabis on college campuses has been a thing for generations, but never has it been widely accepted by administrations. At one university, however, old policies are about to go up in smoke.

The University of British Columbia is preparing to allow students to allow marijuana use while on campus, blazing a new trail in the realm of higher education. The Vancouver school is making the move as Canada prepares for pot legalization on October 17.

People will be allowed to burn their greens in dedicated smoking gazebos, or what we like to call “gaweedos.”

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Recent studies have shown that decriminalizing something doesn’t positively or adversely affect peoples’ behaviors so the school’s administration is totally, like, cool about it, man.

“We’re a university, so we’re really focused on evidence-based decision-making,” UBC university counsel, Hubert Lai, told CBC. “The research is suggesting that, actually, behavior by individuals is not going to change in a material way after decriminalization occurs.”


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This isn’t the first time this school has made moves for the sake of cannabis. In 2015, they offered an online course on selling and growing marijuana, essentially preparing themselves for the landmark change in weed-related laws.

If you’re planning on furthering your education while experiencing the blessings of the ganja Gods, you might want to look into British Columbia. The policy, however, is subject to change, so it might also be a good idea to wait until the smoke clears.