Meanwhile in NFTs: You Can Now Customize Your Very Own X-Rated ‘Meta Girlfriend,’ OnlyFans Is So Last Year

If you thought having access to NSFW content from sexy models through OnlyFans was a wet dream come true, have we got a story for you. Thanks to the evolution of NFTs, you can now buy and customize your very own animated sexpot – one who sends you nudes.

They’re called “meta girlfriends” and they’re essentially avatars of hot women who come with over 600 traits across 20 categories to guarantee you an original creation.

“Meta Girlfriends represent the mature side of NFT Art,” the website states. They are fully clothed and visible from the waist up in public, but once you enter the Members Only area, you’ll be able to see her naked and gain access to private, X-rated content.

Meta Girlfriends popped up in November with the goal of minting 10,000 of these faux fuck buddies – and are well on their way with 1,653 already minted. They cost around 0.08 Etherium (approximately $250), but the brains behind Meta Girlfriends want you to see them as an investment.

“Our goal is to create and promote value by holding onto your Meta Girlfriends,” the Meta Girlfriends’ Discord account says. “The longer you hold your Meta Girlfriends, the more private content you’ll gain access to. But should you want to break up with her, the royalties will help us fund additional private content and marketing to continue building value for Meta Girlfriend owners.”

Some customers are purchasing multiple Meta Girlfriends and merging them in the “Rainbow Room” to make a one-of-a-kind NFT.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and we aren’t going to do it right now. Suffice to say, Meta Girlfriends are basically the poster girls for everything that’s wrong with capitalism, crypto, and misogyny. You could take that $250 and invest it in therapy to find out why you don’t have a girlfriend IRL instead.

But then again: tits and ass never get old — and still titillate, even if they are in animated form.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a digital girlfriend. Just don’t expect her to keep you warm at night.

Photos: Meta Girlfriends



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