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Florida Man Sends Naked Photos Of Woman To Her Boss After She Rejects Him

Photo: RonTech2000 (Getty)

Let’s all talk about a man named Giuseppe Garibaldi who was recently arrested and charged with misdemeanors of sexually cyber-harassing a person, cyberstalking as well as extortion. And why was he charged with all this? Well it’s because this idiot actually submitted photos of himself and a woman having sex to a preschool’s Facebook page because she didn’t want to go out with him anymore.

According to WKGM, Garibaldi met the victim through an online dating site back in November, and that led to the two forming a friends-with-benefits relationship and having sex about five times. And during that time the 30-year-old man took sexually explicit photos of the woman without her knowing.

And when Garibaldi suspected the woman was seeing other people, he told her he would publish the images. And that’s when the woman gave him the boot. Garbaldi ended up keying her car after that, but the chaos was just beginning.


NY Daily News

Garibaldi allegedly sent several photos to the preschool along with a badly worded message that read, “You teacher’s pics and video of your teacher are all over!” The images were received by the woman’s boss.

After one of the victim’s friends received the same set of images , deputies with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office noticed that Garibaldi’s tattoo was visible in one of the images.

Clearly this dude isn’t very bright. But judging by his mugshot he’s quite happy with what he did.

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