Even Convenience Store Wawa Has Its Own Beer Now

Photo: Vstock LLC (Getty Images)

Fans of Wawa, the chain of convenience stores and gas stations that are found along the East Coast of the U.S. (and most common in Pennsylvania), are almost fanatical in their devotion. They now have a new reason to obsess about the store even more because it just collaborated with Delaware County’s 2SP Brewing Company to release a beer called Winter Reserve Coffee Stout.

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The beer came to be when the crew at 2SP were enjoying coffee after a rather exhausting meeting. They were all drinking coffee from Wawa and began to wonder why they had never collaborated with the chain on a limited-edition beer.

“We agreed their seasonal and handpicked Reserve Blend would be a great roast to blend with our oatmeal stout,” says Michael Contreras, director of sales and marketing for 2SP Brewing. “The balanced sweetness of the oatmeal stout will showcase the full range of flavors from the Reserve Winter Blend.”

Photo: 2SP Brewing Company/Wawa

The beer has flavors of clove, chocolate, and graham crackers.  “The way Bob approaches coffee stouts is to look at the coffee as a key ingredient that needs to be showcased but also balanced out with a smooth and flavorful beer,” says Contreras. “It’s a delicate balance that he strives for and if history is an indicator of anything, we think it will be great.”

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The beer itself was brewed by 2SP’s Head Brewer Bob Barrar, along with Wawa’s Manager of Concept Development Michael McLaughlin. Cans of this rich, holiday brew will be available beginning Dec. 10th at bars, bottle shops, and distributors in the five-county Philadelphia metro area. This beer is extremely limited-edition as only 1,000 cases were brewed.