Meanwhile in Wisconsin: Dog Behind the Wheel Blamed For Car Accident, Owner Surprisingly Can’t Learn Trick to Taking Ownership

Photo: ullstein bild (Getty Images)

Driving a car isn’t easy. That’s why we go to driver’s education, memorize a dictionary’s worth of rules and regulations, and spend hours driving around an empty parking lot before we even get our learner’s permit (let alone our actual license). Could you imagine how much harder it would be if you not only didn’t have that background, but you also had paws instead of hands? Well, if you could even get the car into drive, you’d probably crash it right into a brick wall.

That’s exactly what happened recently in Wisconsin when a furry friend managed to drive its owner’s Jeep into the side of a building. It all went down in Sturgeon Bay last Wednesday. Police officers responded to a call about a car crashing into an art museum in the city.

When they arrived, they were perplexed to learn that when the crash occurred, the owner wasn’t even in the car. He had parked across the street at an adjacent gas station before walking to the other side of the street to visit the Sunflower Bakery. He came outside to find his car in a precarious situation.

How did this happen? Well, apparently his 5-year-old Australian Shephard, named Callie, in her excitement to be in the car, bumped the gear shift out of park and the Jeep began to roll slowly across the road.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the crash and the dog’s owner cheekily claims that she’s lost her driving privileges for the time being. We couldn’t agree more with this decision. That dog needs a lot more training.

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