105-Year-Old Woman Survives COVID, Claims It’s the Gin-Soaked Raisins That Saved Her

Photo: xalanx (Getty Images)

It sounds crazy, but we’ve all been living amid COVID-19 for a year now. We’ve gotten used to wearing masks, social distancing, and using a lot more hand sanitizer than we’ve ever used in our whole life. Most of us have been lucky enough to not get the virus. But that’s likely because of a combination of the diligence of the above-mentioned actions as well as dumb luck. One New Jersey woman says that if we do get it, she has a very strange remedy we should try.

Not only did Lucia DeClerck survive COVID-19, but she also happens to be 105-years-old. How did she do it? She told The New York Times that she can attribute her long life to avoiding junk food and by daily prayer. But she survived the virus by eating raisins soaked in gin. That’s right, gin-soaked raisins.

During her recovery, she had nine gin-soaked golden raisins every morning. This is something she’s been doing for decades.

She explained that to make gin-soaked raisins you simply fill a jar with gin, dump in the dried fruits, and let it sit for nine days. Where she came up with the nine raisins and nine days, who knows?

While we’ve never heard of eating gin-soaked raisins and the thought doesn’t really appeal to us (we’ll stick to gin and tonics) it’s a classic folk remedy designed to ease the effects of arthritis.

Who knows if eating gin-soaked raisins actually helped her or simply gave us a nice buzz to not feel so down during the darkest days of COVID? Maybe she’s on to something? Someone tell Fauci.

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