T-Mobile Launching Their Own Gin, We’ll Take the Unlimited Plan

Photo: T-Mobile 

In the last decade, we’ve seen a glut of celebrity beer, wine, and spirits brands. If you want to get specific to one spirt in particular, the celebrity gin game is mighty strong. Snoop Dogg has his own strawberry-flavored gin, Ryan Reynolds has Aviation, heck, even the Queen of England has her own gin (actually she has two). This is why nobody should be surprised that it was only a matter of time before brands known for completely different products got in on the booze game.

Enter T-Mobile. The well-known mobile telecommunications company has decided to diversify by selling more than simply cell-phone coverage. To celebrate the fact that the company now covers 300 million customers with its low-band 5G network, the brand is launching Ultra Capacity 5Gin.

Since T-Mobile knows a lot more about cellular networks than alcohol, it turned to Heritage Distilling, a brand well-known for myriad flavored vodkas and even a Special Forces-themed whiskey. On top of the gin, T-Mobile is also dropping a ginger beer aptly named Extended Range 5Ginger Beer (to celebrate covering 150 million users with its extended range 5G). This alcohol-free soda was made in a collaboration with Jones Soda.

Regardless of whether you want to try this strange, seemingly unnecessary gin or the ginger beer, you can order a bottle of gin for $30 and a six-pack of soda for $10. Or, you can just drink something else because that’s what Verizon would want.


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