Drake Adds Odd Ingredient to His Mac ‘n Cheese, Odd Even For Drake (Can You Guess What It Is?)

When it comes to comfort food, it’s hard to beat macaroni and cheese. It’s gooey, cheesy, and perfect with a crunchy, crispy crust toasted in the oven. Your classic macaroni and cheese without any additional ingredients is king, but you can’t go wrong with the addition of bacon, lobster, or, for St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef. What could ruin a potentially great macaroni and cheese? How about the addition of raisins? Yes, raisins.

That’s exactly what Drake served over the weekend. You see, the Canadian-born musician was celebrating his 34th birthday. While we’re not usually about outing celebrities’ strange behavior, we can’t let this one pass by unnoticed.

According to tweets from people who attended his birthday party, among dishes like fried calamari, a baby kale salad, and steak frites, there was a strange version of macaroni and cheese. It included a few ingredients that sound pretty good: sundried tomatoes, capers, and parsley. And one that really makes us cringe: raisins.

Why raisins, Drake? Where did this insane recipe come from? A simple Google search yields a raisin-laden recipe from Food & Wine as well as random food bloggers so apparently the rapper didn’t invent it.

It still doesn’t make us want to try it. We when people ruin oatmeal cookies with raisins so why would we like them mucking up our favorite cheesy meal? No thanks, Drake.

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

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