Pickup on car after crash

Jason Bourne Would Be Impressed By This Car Crash That Belongs In A Monster Jam

A Florida woman had a once in a lifetime experience this last week while driving home from work on a busy Arizona road.

Besides the cloudy skies and cool temperatures, everything seemed unspectacular as the Florida woman drove down a quiet Arizona road. Suddenly, a white Toyota Tacoma came flying off the side of the road as if it was auditioning for a Jason Bourne film, launching airborne before landing on top of her car.

The angle of the Toyota’s launch allowed it to perfectly wedge itself onto the top of her car without causing too much commotion outside of a smashed roof and hood.

After driving together in harmony for a few dozen feet, both the car and truck came to a halt, providing a sight for nearby spectators that you would normally only find in a Motorsports Monster Jam.

Prescott Fire Department spokesman E. Conrad Jackson confirmed that the driver is fine, although the driver of the Toyota took off after the crash making this a hit and run incident. Authorities are still searching for the daredevil driver responsible for the car crushing maneuver.

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In other news, a Florida man smashed his Lamborghini into a massive truck before jumping into a nearby Mercedes and taking off, as seen in the video below.

Drive safely, everyone.