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Russian Woman Falls Into Sewer And Bumps Into Missing Boy

Photo: terra24 (Getty)

Even for Russia, this has to be a first.

According to Sputnik News, a woman in Russia who had volunteered to look for a missing boy eventually found the lad, but how she stumbled upon the freezing child will blow you away.

Officials said 120 people took part in the search and rescue of the 10-year-old boy in the village of Cheremshan in Tatarstan, Russia that started on December 24. That search came to an abrupt end when Gulia Yarullina, head of the Cheremshan District’s Civil Protection Directorate, “failed to see an open three-meter-long sewage well due to a blizzard” and fell inside.

Russian Woman Falls Into Sewer And Bumps Into Missing Boy

Officials also said that it was a good thing she didn’t see the open sewer because the boy could have frozen to death if he would have been outside even just one hour longer. He was rushed to the hospital with severe hypothermia, but he is expected to eventually make it out of there in good health.

As for the hero? You guessed it – Yarullina broke her back during the fall and remains in the hospital. And that, kids, is what is known in the business as a giant dick sandwich.

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