Mandatory 420: The 10 Dankest Cannabis Drinks to Celebrate (As If It’s the Only Day People Like to Get Altered)

Photo: Lagunitas

If you don’t know what 420 then this isn’t the article for you. But, if you don’t know its history, keep reading. The reason for 420’s existence is a bit of a mystery. The most likely story surrounds a group of friends called “the Waldos” who hung out at Oakland’s San Rafael High School in the ’70s. They would meet at (you guessed it) 4:20 to get high.

This, apparently, is why people all over the country set aside time to smoke a joint or nibble on an edible at 4:20 pm. This practice is heightened on April 20 because it’s the only day to enjoy 420 all day long.

In recent years, the cannabis beverage market has exploded. To celebrate this most epic of holidays, we decided to list 10 of the dankest cannabis drinks to celebrate with. Check them all out below.

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