Ranked! The Best of Condiments (Now That There Is a Ketchup Shortage at Restaurants)

Photo: Magone (Getty Images)

When the COVID pandemic began, it wasn’t surprising to learn there were meat, toilet paper, paper towel, and hand sanitizer shortages all over the country. More than a year later, toiletries, sanitizer, and ground beef can easily be found in your neighborhood grocery store. But there are still shortages popping up here and there caused by the pandemic. The newest is ketchup packets.

It might seem like a strange food item to be limited, but the shortage has everything to do with how the virus has shifted the way we purchase and eat food from restaurants. When dining in was no longer an option, people began picking up takeout instead.

All of these burgers, cheesesteaks, and tater tots came with condiments in small packages. Specifically, they all came with packets of ketchup. Because of this, restaurants ordered more ketchup than usual. Thus the demand for the sweet, tomato-based condiment went up as the supply lowered.

Luckily, Heinz has announced recently that it is going to up production to make up for the newfound need for extra ketchup packets. Therefore, this shortage probably won’t last for long. But, in the meantime, we’ve decided to rank the best condiments that aren’t ketchup. Check them all out below.

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