The 4/20 Treat Tour Is the Christmas of Cannabis

Photo: Juanmonino (Getty Images)

The Christmas of cannabis is upon us, and while we hate a green Christmas, we’re getting extra green for 4/20. Actually, it’s going to be very white as well, especially if you’re into ice cream parties. Allow us to introduce you to the sweetest marijuana-inspired experience: The 420 Treat Tour.

So don’t go pounding all the CBD donuts just yet.

Island brand marijuana is hosting a muti-dispensary ice cream party with Coolhaus Ice Cream on April 19 and 20. Customers of select dispensaries around LA will receive a free ice cream sandwich from the Coolhaus truck parked outside! Keep reading to find the location nearest you.

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Will you be celebrating 420 with a free Coolhaus Ice Cream? Or do you have better plans that we should know about? Sound off in the comments!

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