Life Hack of the Week: A Mandatory Video For Hiding From the Police

Although none of us may want to admit it there’s a keen possibility at some point in our lives we’ll have to hide from the police. Obviously, we want to avoid this, but what if we can’t? The only answer is having a “just in case” escape plan mapped out because you might save thousands in potential legal fees. If you’re new to doing bad stuff or are simply done getting caught, this lifehack is for you. TikTok user @mabelchavez1 and her mom developed a technique for hiding from the police that will change your life.

Image: @mabelchavez1 (TikTok)

What you will need:

  • Mylar Flexible Intake/Exhaust Duct

As Mabel’s mother demonstrates, you need to be prepared to vanish upon the arrival of the 5-0. Since it’s pretty difficult to disappear into thin air, the next best thing is hiding in plain sight. Buy a Mylar Flexible Intake/Exhaust Duct with a circumference wide enough to step inside. Casually place it next to the side of your house. That’s where this tube lives now and it shan’t ever be moved.

When you catch a glimpse of red and blue lights, run outside, and like Mabel’s mom, step inside the air duct. Next, pull it up over your head and connect it to the building. Then, hold your breath and pray you don’t need to sneeze or fart until the police leave. Teach this to your friends and you can start a gang that hides in plain sight.

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