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Parody Plus: Clever Twitter Account Gives Hilariously Honest Portrayal of Disney+ Content

With the launch of Disney+ this month, the streaming wars have officially begun. A full month before the launch, however, audiences got a sneak peek of its forthcoming content via a Disney+ Twitter account, which unveiled its full library with an absolutely insane tweetstorm that lasted hours and yielded over 600 titles. Shortly after the tweets began, some Twitter users began to mock the aggressive announcement pattern with a variety of hilarious parody tweets. In the time since then, an interesting new subset of film Twitter has arisen: entire accounts dedicated to harping on Disney+. While there are already few decent mock Disney+ accounts out in the Twitter-verse, none is more savage than @GetDisneyPlus. From modern classics to hidden gems buried within the Disney vault, this account offers some of the best phony movies and TV shows from the Mouse House. Here are some highlights of the best content that will not be coming to Disney+ anytime soon.

Cover Photo: @GetDisneyPlus (Twitter)

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