Ranked! Our Top 10 Actress Picks for Disney+ ‘She-Hulk’

At D23, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige dropped a few bombshells announcing more upcoming titles for the Disney+ service, one of them being the latest addition to the MCU: She-Hulk. It immediately set our brains on fire with fan-casting possibilities, as to who we’d love to see take on the title role. So we did some deep dives and critical thinking over which actress would be the perfect fit for both the lawyer by day, Jennifer Walters, and her inner beast, She-Hulk, who may or may not rip off her pants. This can’t just be just any actress; it has to be someone who is as hard as they are soft (and occasionally hand out a decent ass whooping). One thing is certain: The Hulk future is feminine (but still raging with some testosterone, most likely).

Cover Photo: Marvel Comics

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How would you rank our list of She-Hulk actresses and who would you add?


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