Hookup App User Gets Matched With…Her Brother

When most people use a dating or hookup app, the app’s algorithm searches for someone they’d have something in common with – a hometown, a hobby, a profession. But one thing no one wants to have in common with their potential mate is DNA.

And herein lies the problem with algorithms – they don’t know everything. Just like the Hinge app, despite using a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm, didn’t know that it matched Pennsylvania TikTok star Brooke Averick with…her younger brother. Even worse, the recommendation pinged the 24-year-old’s phone while she and her brother were at home in Haverford on Thanksgiving break.

“Most Compatible: Brooke & Noah, we think you two should meet,” the app informed her.

Brooke posted a video to TikTok detailing the mishap. She starts off by saying that she’s grateful Hinge updated her Most Compatible, followed by a screenshot of Noah’s profile. “He’s super cute, if you ask me,” she says. “We’re already spending Thanksgiving together and it’s going well.” Then she drops the bomb: Noah is her brother.

@ladyefronThankful for this new batch of emotional distress ##GivingThanks ##fyp @bertefron

♬ original sound – Brooke Averick

Like a true little brother, Noah freaks out Brooke further by trying to plant a kiss on her. “We will be suing Hinge,” Brooke said in the vid. So they didn’t get laid, but at least they got a laugh out of it this situation.

Commenters had a field day with this familial fuck-up.

“Hinge knew it’s a pandemic and you gotta stick to the household to be safe.”

“I was like ‘wow they look alike and then I was like ‘oh.’”

“I’m dying,”

Be careful out there, daters. Not only do you have a super-spreadable virus on the loose, you never know when your relatives are going to pop up as your perfect match on a hookup app.

Cover Photo: @ladyefron (TikTok)

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