Oasis Debut ‘Definitely Maybe’ Turns 25, One Decade Since Gallagher Brothers Divorce

Though it’s been 25 years since Oasis debuted Definitely Maybe (our rock ‘n roll dreams come true), it’s also been a decade since the band split. Well after the recent reissue of the record’s remastered vinyl, which freshened up the sounds of the Gallagher brothers’ unimaginable success, highlighted in the recent rockumentary Supersonic, fans still await a hard-won reunion to no avail. The band flew high in the mid-’90s with their first three albums before switching their lineup completely, still holding the brotherly feud at the heart of its dysfunction but never straying too far in its accessibility to pure unadulterated rock music. Now 25 years later, we have two solo Gallagher brothers going head to head and switch-hitting the top of the charts as young Liam releases his second LP Why Me? Why Not in September, right on the heels of brother Noel’s second of three EP releases this year, This Is the Place, following spring’s Black Star Dancing, a tribute to the late great David Bowie. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to one of rock music’s great albums of all time today (preferably at extremely high decibels), starting with singles “Live Forever,” “Supersonic” and the classic “Slide Away” below to get started, then some of the new solo singles.

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Cover: Michael Spencer Jones

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