Celebrating Grace: 25 Years of Jeff Buckley’s Only Album Still Hurts Like Hallelujah

Today marks the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest debut albums in music history, and easily one of our favorites albums in general. The loss of the great, late Jeff Buckley came in 1997 when he presumably drowned by accident outside the Memphis, Tennessee studio where he was recording the follow-up to Grace. While there are compilations of a mostly-completed You & I, nothing will ever compare to the one-and-done mastery of the incredible talent we lost far too soon. With a debut strong enough to still lovingly haunt us 25 years later, it makes us wonder what could have been. Sadly, we’ll never know, but today we celebrate that which he did leave us with. Listen below and look for the remastered reissue celebrating 25 years of Jeff Buckley and his beautiful and lonely Grace.




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Cover: The Estate of David Gahr (Getty Images)