New Pete Yorn Album ‘Caretakers’ Comes 20 Years After Debut Masterpiece

For 20 years now, Music For the Morning After has been spinning on repeat as one of the great soundtracks of our miserable lives, but despite several great albums, side projects (The Olms) and a number of You & Me acoustic tours, it’s been a task for Pete Yorn to top his weighty entrance into music. Enter his new album, Caretakers, which gives his debut a run for its money two decades later, showcasing Yorn’s incredible ability to win us over with poignant music and heartbreaking lyrics without reinventing himself too much. Songs like “Can’t Stop You” and “ECT” showcase his range without going off the reservation yet stay true to the classic artist we’ve grown with over the years. Have a listen to some of the new songs below, then be sure to check out a couple classics off his debut album, a sure-fire Friday night feeler your friends can get nostalgic over (or at the very least, one hell of a lesson on good music). Rock on, music lovers.





Cover: Randy Holmes (Getty)