Alanis Morissette
Die kanadische Sängerin und Songschreiberin Alanis Morissette begann am 29.3.1996 mit einem rockigen Konzert in der Hugenottenhalle in Neu Isenburg bei Frankfurt ihre Deutschland-Tournee. Vor rund 2000 Leuten bot die 21jährige vor allem Hits aus ihrem aktuellen Album "Jagged Little Pill". Die Newcomerin, die jüngst mit vier Grammy-Preisen ausgezeichnet wurde und damit sogar Superstars wie Michael Jackson in den Schatten stellte, ist auf dem Sprung in die erste Liga der Pop- und Rockstars. (Photo by Stephanie Pilick/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Alanis Morissette’s Highly Mature ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Just Now Turns 25, How Ironic

It seems like just yesterday that we were all collectively rocking out to “You Oughta Know,” that timeless breakup anthem courtesy of Canadian rocker Alanis Morissette. Somehow, though, 25 years have passed since the singer-songwriter’s hit debut album Jagged Little Pill. It’s hard to believe Morissette was only a teenager when she penned the songs that would define her musical career.

“I love that record so much,” the Grammy award-winning artist told People. “For me, unwittingly, I was just creating songs that just gave you permission to be human. Letting my vulnerabilities and my anger and all my 72 feelings at any given moment, just validating that and normalizing it through the act of writing a song. I’m happy that I can still sing these songs with conviction, having written them when I was 19; to perform them now with conviction is really fortuitous because it could’ve gone either way.”

While no album will ever match the precocious maturity of Jagged Little Pill (“Isn’t it ironic,” indeed), Morissette continues to make music. Her ninth studio album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, recently dropped after a months-long delay due to coronavirus.

Despite over two decades in the music biz, Morisette’s songwriting process hasn’t changed – and she’s still just as spry a wordsmith as ever.

“The music and lyrics are all written relatively quickly. And that’s been the case for 25 years straight,” the Grammy Award-winning artist told People. “So music lyrics are written usually within 15 minutes: It takes 45 years to live the song, 15 minutes to have it come out.”

Morissette’s personal life, however, is completely different than when she blasted onto the music scene. She’s now married to rapper Souleye and they have three children: 11-month-old Winter, 4-year-old Onyx, and 9-year-old Ever.

While the topics the married mom of three writes about now aren’t the same as her single days, the emotion behind the music is still raw and palpable. Maybe some things don’t change with age.

Cover Photo: picture alliance / Contributor (Getty Images)

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