Liam Gallagher
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - FEBRUARY 02: Liam Gallagher performs live in concert at the Ericsson Globe Arena on February 2, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

Mandatory Music: Liam Gallagher to Release Live MTV Unplugged Album, Much Better Than When He Went MIA With Oasis in 1995

There’s no definitely maybe about it. Liam Gallagher, the onetime lead singer of Oasis, is almost as famous for his antics off stage as for his music. He is often described as the bastard child of John Lennon and Johnny Rotten. With those two for parents, it’s no wonder he’s a musical genius — and a spoiled brat. While he never ate a bat’s head, Liam did get in fights, trash-talk his brother, and infamously bailed on an MTV Unplugged gig in 1996.

Though he cited a sore throat as the cause of his stage fright, many suspect other reasons. Either his prima donna attitude or drug use are the usual suspects. While no one can change the past, we do sometimes get second chances. Gallagher’s opportunity for a musical mulligan came some 23 years later. In September, Gallagher played his heart out for a crowd in Hull City Hall in the UK for an MTV Unplugged broadcast. An EP from the performance landed in January, and the entire album releases on June 12. We review the highs and lows of Gallagher’s career.

Cover photo: Michael Campanella / Contributor (Getty Images)

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