Liam Gallagher Sends Out A ‘Shockwave’ Following ‘As It Was’ Rockumentary Release

Photo: David M. Benett (Getty Images)

Liam Gallagher doesn’t need to bother getting brother Noel (or Oasis for that matter) back together after debuting his first solo album As It Were at the top of the charts (higher than the other 9 in the UK top 10 combined). But the fiery frontman is far from done, as we readies his September sophomore record Why Me? Why Not. But first, he gave us a tease of things to come with the first single “Shockwave” following the premiere of his year-long roadie rock documentary, As It Was.

The single plays like something you’d hear in an Oasis lead-off single, except with a little more punch. It’s reminiscent in vibe to Oasis’s “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down,” which was the single that accompanied an Oasis documentary release, except with vocals by Noel, who’s currently off in space-rock land with his new Black Star DancingFunny how these brothers, again, have released new music of their own at the same time. That’s just good publicity play.

Here the single below.

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