Mandatory Movie Battles: Guy Ritchie’s ‘Wrath of Man’ vs. ‘The Gentlemen’

Jason Statham has come a long way since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels—his first collaboration with writer/director Guy Ritchie. The pair’s latest collaboration sees Statham play arguably his most badass character yet in Wrath of Man, a film about one very well-dressed and angry man. You might have seen the trailer and thought it’s a rip-off of everything he’s done since The Transporter. Instead, it feels like an amalgamation of everything Ritchie has done, bringing together his British gangster films and more mainstream blockbusters with a pinch of Statham’s salt. While it’s tough to know what in Ritchie’s filmography to pit Wrath of Man against, it makes sense to match it with his other flick featuring well-dressed and angry men, The Gentlemen

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Wrath of Man proves Ritchie is capable of anything. It might be his best “mainstream” film (sorry 2019’s Aladdin), certainly Statham’s best in years, and bodes well for whatever either of them does next. However, The Gentlemen represents Ritchie at the height of his abilities in the arena he’s the most comfortable in. Still, both of these films are a testament to how good Ritchie has become at making movies. 

Overall Winner: The Gentlemen

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