Mandatory Movie Battles: ‘The Tomorrow War’ vs. ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

No, Chris McKay’s The Tomorrow Way is not a sequel to Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. However, both films do agree on one thing: tomorrow=bad. In the future, aliens will kill everyone and some sort of time travel trope must be employed in order to stop them. Bring in the heavy weaponry and stoic poses because it’s time for some vaguely similar action heroes

In The Tomorrow War, Chris Pratt plays ex-Green Beret and current biology teacher, Dan Forester, who goes to war because he hates his dad. In Edge of Tomorrow—which was re-branded “Live Die Repeat” because putting the synopsis in the title is helpful—Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, an officer who has never seen combat. Both men are ill-prepared for an alien invasion; thankfully, they have their badass leading ladies in Yvonne Strahovski and Emily Blunt to tell them exactly what to do about tomorrow…which is also sometimes today. In this edition of Mandatory Movies Battles, we pit The Tomorrow War against Edge of Tomorrow (or Live Die Repeat, in case you’re confused) and see which had/has the brighter future. 

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The Tomorrow War is trivial entertainment. That’s why it’s “the most-streamed movie” right now. Experiment with the concepts, throw in those aliens that were transporting the White Spikes, get a better script, and hopefully, the sequel is more interesting. Or just watch the first one drunk, it’s more fun that way. Edge of Tomorrow does proud by a proven formula, is well-acted, and has inventive action sequences. Unfortunately, Edge of Tomorrow 2—which has been development for quite some time—might not happen due scheduling conflicts and funding issues. 

Overall Winner: Edge of Tomorrow 

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