RANKED! The 20 Best Tom Hanks Performances to Celebrate the 20-Year Anniversary of ‘Cast Away’

It’s been 20 years since a topless Tom Hanks got so angry with his friend Wilson that he spiked his ass out through the skylight of their shared sea cave. But like our love for Hanks, it wasn’t long before they were bosom buddies once again. Cast Away, an imperfect yet singular movie, marks the exact middle of the award-winning actor‘s beloved career. And like a solitary man on a desert island, Hanks is in a league of his own.

From his early days as a wet-behind-the-ears mermaid lover to his more recent turns as an avuncular bulwark against the tides of immorality, Hanks has entertained billions of movie fans for 40 straight years. Today we celebrate the greatest everyman to ever grace the silver screen by ranking the top 20 film performances of his illustrious career.

Photo: 20th Century Fox 

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