Tom Hanks Reveals Drastic Dome For Elvis Biopic (This Hairdo’s a Don’t)

The best actors are willing to undergo dramatic transformations to take on their roles. Often, this involves altering their bodies in some way, most commonly in the form of weight gain or weight loss. Some movie stars will dye their hair or wear a wig. Others will alter their eyebrows. But what Tom Hanks did for his role in an upcoming film is downright shocking.

The beloved Academy Award winner was preparing to play Thomas “Colonel Tom” Parker, Elvis’ manager, in the forthcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis. To truly capture the character, he had to get a severe haircut, which he revealed on The Graham Norton Show.

“Let me show you the horrible haircut I have to have in order to play Colonel Tom Parker,” Hanks, who was wearing a baseball cap, said. He stood and removed the hat. “Can you see that? Look at that thing!”

Well, no, we couldn’t see it, because he was out of frame. (Celebrities – they’re just like us, Zoom gaffes and all!) Norton asked Hanks to sit down and when he did, jaws across the internet dropped because the actor was totally, completely, terribly bald.

“I just scared the children,” Hanks said. “I want to apologize.”

Some men are made to rock a dome. Others, not so much. We love you, Tom Hanks, but we’re afraid you’re in the latter group. Let’s hope his hair grows back fast, because we just can’t get behind this disconcerting new look, even if it is in the name of historically accurate entertainment.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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