‘Finch’ Features Tom Hanks, Robot and Dog in an Apocalypse, So Where Do We Sign Up? (Watch Trailer!)

Apple TV+ recently released a trailer for director Miguel Sapochnik’s (Game of Thrones) feature film debut, Finch, which features Tom Hanks in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The film follows heavy-hitter Hanks as a dying engineer who builds a robot, Jeff (played via motion-capture by Caleb Landry Jones), to look after his beloved dog, Goodyear (played by a dog that likely goes by another name), when he no longer can. Like a dysfunctional family unit, the trio embarks on a cross-country road trip through sandstorms as Finch shows Jeff what it means to be alive. Check it out below: 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: [Insert Turner & Hooch & Robot Joke Here]. That being said, Apple has created something much more definitive than Turner & Hooch: The Forgotten Years. Instead, Hanks’ latest outing appears to be an amalgamation of his most emotional film credits. 

There’s a pretty good chance the person reading this has cried watching a Tom Hanks movie, which often entails quite a bit of loss. Forrest Gump lost everyone, Woody lost Andy, Larry Crowne lost his job, and, of course, Chuck Noland screamed “Wilson!” at the ocean as a blood-smeared volleyball floated away. On top of that, Daniel Craig killed Hanks’ family in Road to Perdition (2002). If that dog or robot doesn’t make it to Finch‘s end credits…scratch that. We’re a glutton for punishment. 

Hanks’ star power hit an all-time high somewhere around the late 90s and set up shop. Similar to Cast Away (2002), he will likely be the only human actor on screen for a majority of the film. Including Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” music video in 2015, Hanks has made very few missteps in his career. There’s no reason to assume Finch won’t be every bit as magical and/or heartbreaking as advertised when it becomes available to stream on November 5.

So, where do we sign up?


Cover Photo: Apple TV+



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