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Meanwhile in Florida: Snow Falling in Sunshine State Freaks Out Residents, Yet Not First Time They’ve Seen Melting White Men

A lot of weird shit has gone down in Florida, but one thing we never expected to see in the Sunshine State was…wait for it…snow. But a recent winter storm brought a steady stream of the white stuff to the panhandle, and it had residents freaking out.

A video shot by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office early on Monday morning showed light snow falling in Lake Lorraine.

“It’s snowing!” a deputy exclaims in the video. “See…snow.”

He then gives viewers a peek at his uniform, which is covered in flakes…and we don’t mean dandruff.

“Well how’s this for a temperature change?” the sheriff’s office captioned the video. “From 75 degrees at 3 in the afternoon to snow at 3 am captured during patrol in the Lowe’s parking lot on Beal by B-Shift Central! Bundle up out there!”

Other authorities had fun with the unexpected twist in weather on social media, too.

“During a traffic stop early this morning in Freeport, Florida, a @WCSOFL deputy noticed snow flurries falling around him,” one captioned a video posted on Twitter. “Needless to say, the driver got a warning. Enjoy, and wherever the driver is – you have Mother Nature to thank.”

Videos of the snowflakes falling went viral on both Facebook and Twitter.

Some might cry “global warming” at the sight of flakes falling from the sky, but we think this is just another sign that hell has frozen over.

Cover Photo: Twitter