Meanwhile in Massachusetts: Holiday Enthusiast Plants Christmas Trees in Potholes, Not the Brightest of Ideas

It really doesn’t matter where you live, you’ve likely run into your fair share of potholes. You know, those extremely annoying holes in the road that seem to pop up in the worst possible places. Like right around a bend in the road or directly in the middle of a busy intersection. With all the money you spend on taxes, it seems unfathomable that our roads aren’t smooth and perfect.

One man got tired of waiting for someone to fix the potholes in his area and he decided to do something about it. But, instead of filling them in with asphalt, he planted mini Christmas trees instead.

You might be asking, wouldn’t filling the streets with random trees lead to potentially even more horrific accidents? Well, probably. But that doesn’t matter because we assume it’s the thought that counts.

Kevin Martin was on his way to pick up dinner in North Attleborough, Massachusetts when he encountered a large number of potholes on Route 1 and, instead of hot, tasty takeout, he received four flat tires.

Martin was fed up. He said he previously complained to the town about the potholes and yet nobody came out to fix them. This was pretty much the last straw. Instead of venting on social media and complaining at home, he went out to fix the problem himself.

He stopped by Home Depot and grab some planting soil and small Christmas trees. He then set out and planted them in potholes all over the area. He assumed that the dangerous nature of streets filled with 2-foot tall trees would force local officials into action. It did. They removed the trees and filled the potholes. The moral of the story? Apparently, the only way to get your government to fill in potholes is to plant potentially dangerous trees in the middle of the road.

Photo: Javier Zayas Photography (Getty Images)

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