19 Cars Had Their Tires Blown Out Thanks To A Pothole So That’s Where Your Taxes Aren’t Going

Photo: kozmoat98 (Getty)

Living in New York, I know that it takes workers years to fix the simplest of things, and that’s because they take their sweet time as the traffic becomes more and more backed up. And if there’s one thing that people hate as much as traffic it’s potholes. And boy, Warren, Michigan has quite the doozy of one along Mound Road.

NBC Affiliate Local 4 was able to film 19 cars go over a huge pothole, destroying their tires along the way. And no, the news crew and reporter Tim Pamplin didn’t do much to warn those cars, but they did film their misery. Check out video below to see car after car drive over the same awful hole.

So it took regular old folks to do something about it as you can see in the video above. One citizen says they’ve reached out to Warren police about the hole but nothing has been done, because obviously. And since your taxes clearly aren’t going to fix the streets, people had to drag road cones and set up flare lights in hopes of warning oncoming drivers about the hole.

But hey, maybe with these new tax breaks people can buy four brand new tires #halfglassfull.

h/t Gizmodo

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