Over 20 Cars Got A Flat Tire Thanks To Potholes On An Indiana Highway

Photo: kozmoat98 (Getty Images)

Remember a couple of months ago when we mentioned that potholes in Michigan were so ridiculous that 19 cars had their tires blown out? Well Michigan has some company as Indianapolis, Indiana now needs to actually do something with all those taxes dollars they get from their residents.

A woman and her family were able to make a road trip game out of how many cars with flat tires they counted. The final number? Over cars. The culprit? Some massive potholes that Indiana has been too damn lazy to fix.

Here’s how it’s described on YouTube:

“My husband, two daughters, and I were merging onto the interstate when we saw that traffic was slowed and many cars were off to the side of the road with flat tires. These were confirmed to have been caused by massive potholes. We didn’t hit any but counted over 20 cars on the side of the road.”

Counting screwed up cars sure is a nice way to pass the time while on the road. But now check out the video below:

I’ve never been to Indiana, but where are all the residents’ money going towards? There’s honestly nothing entertaining in that state, so there’s no excuse. At least in New York some money goes towards things that entertain its residents even though it takes the city years upon years to finish any repairs.

Legend has it that cars continue to lose their tires.