Indiana Restaurant Owner Arrested After Customer Finds Cocaine In Their Cheese Sticks

Photo: LauriPatterson (Getty)

Remember a while back when we told you about a bartender who was arrested for hiding cocaine in the drink menu? Well it looks like someone didn’t learn from her awful mistake because someone else has been busted trying to deal cocaine to customers.

Carrie Lynn Demoff, who is the owner of Broad Street Gyros, was recently arrested on felony charges after one of her customers actually found a baggie of cocaine in their order of cheese sticks. The 49-year-old was booked on charges of attempted dealing of cocaine, possession of cocaine and maintaining a common nuisance, controlled substance.

According to police, the customer ordered some cheese sticks to go from the establishment, but soon after someone at the restaurant called her and asked her to bring back her food. And why is that? Because their was a certain baggie in it. Once the customer reached out to police, investigators tested the bag and it tested positive for cocaine.

And because of this Broad Street Gyros has been closed because its business license has been suspended.

I just want to know how someone just lets cocaine go off with a customer’s order of cheese sticks? Or is that supposed to be a grown up version of a Happy Meal toy? These are important questions, folks, very important questions.

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