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Two Women Arrested After Police Find 51 Pounds Of Heroin Worth $10 Million In Their Car

Photo: Ben185 (Getty)

You can barely get your trunk to close after storing your groceries in there and somehow the two women in this story were able to get 51 pounds of heroin in their SUV.

Arlene Viridiana Moya, a 23-year-old of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and her 23-year-old passenger named Trisha Lynne Ibarra, of Laredo, Texas, were recently arrested on drug trafficking offenses after Mississippi police pulled them over for a traffic violation and found a ton of heroin with a retail street value of $10 million.

Photo: Arlene Viridiana Moya/Rankin County Sheriff’s Office

Police also discovered that Ibarra had her three-month-old child in the vehicle with her at the time of her arrest. So yeah, not the best mom. The baby is now in the care of Child Protective Services.

When police pulled over the SUV they already suspected that the women were carrying drugs. And when the women gave police the green light to search their car police found all the goodies.

Photo: Rankin County Sheriff’s Office

While the wholesale street value of the heroin is estimated to be around $2 million, the retail street value is at about $10 million.

h/t Daily Mail

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