Just A Guy Eating Lucky Charms Out Of A Pothole In Michigan

Photo: Jenniveve84 (Getty)

The American Society of Engineers recently gave Michigan’s roads a D- grade, but if that doesn’t quite paint the picture of how piss poor the roads are there, a man eating Lucky Charms out of a massive pothole should hopefully do the trick.

According to the Detroit Metro Times, a 22-year-old Eastern Michigan University student named Andrew said it didn’t take long to find a pothole big enough to hold a box of Lucky Charms and a gallon of milk when he stepped outside earlier this month. He said he wasn’t sure what brought upon the idea of doing something like that, but once he told his roommate, they had a good laugh and set out to find the lucky pothole.

Once they filled it with Lucky Charms and milk, the only thing left to do was chow down.

“I took a couple bites of it, twice, because we took one video but we accidentally deleted it so I had to go eat a little bit more,” Andrew said. “And you know what? Everyone thought it was going to taste bad, that there’d be dirt in it, but it tasted perfectly normal.”

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Of course, there is a good method that comes into play when ensuring that you’re not ingesting pavement along with the magically delicious Lucky Charms.

“I tried to skim off the top,” he said.

It’s unknown if Michigan governor Rick Snyder saw Andrew in action before he decided to sign a $175 million spending bill to fix his state’s roads last week, but it would be one hell of a story if that was the clip that sealed the deal.