What Your Favorite Cereal Says About You

Photo: FelixRenaud (Getty)

Regardless of your age, chances are you still enjoy having a bowl of cereal either in the morning, for lunch, when you’re bored and find eating is a good source of entertainment, or after committing a crime. But your favorite cereal (the one that really distracts you from the horrors of life) actually says a lot about who you are. So anytime you wake up and rush to the kitchen pantry to grab your box of cereal, it is actually saying a lot about you, depending on what cereal your favorite it.

So take a look below to finally learn what your favorite cereal says about you.

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Now we don’t want to give ourselves a pat on the back, but we’d like to think that our descriptions of each cereal was pretty damn spot on. Now next time you eat that favorite cereal of yours you’re going to think of this chart and wonder how in the hell we were so accurate.

Or not. Hell, what do you we know? Not a lot according to you folks, so just enjoy your cereal!

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