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Ranked! The 10 Best Sports Documentaries (Including Netflix’s ‘Untold’)

Photo: Netflix

There’s something special about sports documentaries. While we love the spectacle of sports itself, we also love the back stories surrounding football, soccer, baseball, and other sports almost as much. It’s always fascinating to see what happens behind the scenes and away from the cameras on game day, as well as the stories that impact the games and the lives of the athletes themselves.

Recently, Netflix dropped a documentary called Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist. This multi-part documentary series dealt with the story of Manti Te’o and the shocking story of his catfishing during a pivotal football season at Notre Dame.

In honor of this documentary landing a few weeks ago, we figured the time was right to highlight some of our favorite sports documentaries of all time and rank them. Keep scrolling to see all of the epic documentaries.