RANKED! The Best Decades to Live In When You’re 25, Broke, And Single

Guys, living in 2019 can be hard. Just the phrase “cost of living” is a telltale sign that existence has been commodified. And unfortunately, the numbers show that ours is the first generation in 100 years to be worse off than our parents. When modern times start to feel depressingly complex, it’s time to start looking for an escape route. Enter: time travel. Time travel is the tourism of the future. And scientists say the only thing needed to build a time machine is a gadget that can harness all the energy in the universe. Sounds pretty doable. So doable, in fact, that there will probably be a time machine before the Cubs win another pennant. So if you happen to be young, broke, and looking for a change of scenery, here are the best decades we recommend moving to right now.

Photo: Archive Holdings Inc. (Getty Images)

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