Mandatory Money Battles: Millennials vs. Gen Zers

Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill (Getty Images)

The battle for the dollars of millennials and Gen Zers is approaching its peak among brands desperate for a financial boost. The spending power of Gen Z is primed to surpass the millennial generation and prove that only one generation can rule the economy and make advertisers grovel.

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If the Fyre Fest cluster-eff taught us anything, it’s that both generations are highly influenced by social media, specifically Instagram and Snapchat. Millennials were grandfathered into social media-influenced spending, but Gen Z snapchattergrammers have lived their whole lives online, and companies want to capitalize on their internet addictions.

Gordon Gekko types are trying to figure out how to gouge Gen Z, but there are a few trends they should consider before they dip their bobbers in the water. We’ve put together a cheat sheet that will help distinguish between millennials and Gen Zers.

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