Ja Rule

Ja Rule Wants to Set the Music Festival World on Fyre Again

Photo: Jonny Nunez (Getty Images)

Ja Rule has been “Livin’ It Up” since the Fyre Festival shit-show — or, as he calls it, “the most iconic festival that never was.” While his partner-in-crime Billy McFarland served a six-month prison term for fraud, the ex-con rapper somehow got off scot-free and is onto new business ventures. 

Ja Rule seems to not have learned his lesson as he recently told TMZ that he “plans to create the iconic music festival.” Fool us once Ja, shame on you.  Fool us twice, shame on us. For any trust fund Millenial who wants to light their Fyre again, we got to thinking what a Ja Rule music festival would actually look like…

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