Mandatory Movies: The Russo Brothers Drop ‘Cherry’ Trailer, Sweet But With a Pit in Your Stomach

The first official trailer for the Russo brothers’ Cherry is here! If that exclamation mark feels unwarranted (because you hadn’t heard of the film until now), that’s okay—directors Joe and Anthony Russo’s latest film is a significant departure from their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those who have heard of the film may have seen the posters of Tom Holland looking very unlike Peter Parker.

Based on Nico Walker’s book of the same name, Cherry sees Holland play a “disenfranchised young man” who meets the love of his life, decides to join the Army, get addicted to opioids, and rob banks. The trailer combines elements of crime, romance, war, and even comedy set to different renditions of “Time in a Bottle”—it’s sweet but will leave you with a pit in your stomach. Check it out below.

Cherry is scheduled to release in February on Apple TV+; making it eligible for 93rd Academy Awards nominations. Promotional material is hyping Holland’s performance in the Russo brothers’ comprehensive epic equatable to a darker Forrest Gump (with a higher IQ). If that sounds like an impossible precedent, consider how Avengers: Endgame did the MCU/22 films proud. In honor of the Russo brothers’ upcoming Mandatory Movie, let’s rank their feature films. 

Photo: Apple TV+ 

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