Tom Holland Trades in Spidey-Suit For Heroin, Russo Brothers to Blame

Right as we ween ourselves off the super-drug that is Marvel movies, the Russo brothers pull us back in with a new addiction, one that is, coincidentally, about addiction. After wrapping phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Anthony Russo and his brother co-director went straight into working again with Tom Holland in a much darker scope for their new movie, Cherry, which focuses on opioid addiction. The crime drama, based on the novel by Nico Walker, has Holland at the center as a war veteran with a heroin addiction after coming home from Iraq with undiagnosed PTSD. Although he won’t be donning a Spider-Man suit for the film, Holland is expected to fly pretty high. And we’ll surely be addicted to the Russos work once again, at least until we see Spidey back on the big screen.

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